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What we do

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New Placement Care Packages

Knit Together provides care packages and meals to foster children placed into a foster home. These resources are provided on the night of a new placement, to include 5 outfits, 3 sets of pajamas, underwear/diapers, socks, shoes, toiletries, and one comfort item all packed in a new backpack.

Knit Together also provides a hot meal with the care packages, so that foster parents can focus on acclimating their new child/children to their home instead of having to worry about what to cook for dinner.

Community Building

Knit Together hosts monthly meetings to help build community and oneness amongst foster families. During these events, Knit Together provides a sense of community and fellowship between foster parents while providing a fun and safe environment for the children during the meetings, as well as providing a free meal to all who attend.

Knit Together works with local agencies to meet additional needs of foster families including free haircuts for foster children, pool parties, family nights, date nights, photo sessions, and other interpersonal relationship building activities. To further build community and oneness, Knit Together shows love to local social workers through an annual appreciation luncheon, giving away of gift cards, and other ways of showing love and appreciation.

Appreciation for Foster Parents

Knit Together shares extra love with foster parents through Mother's and Father's Day gifts and

COMING SOON providing babysitting and respite training across all local agencies. One day of training will equip those who are trained the ability to watch children for any foster agency, cutting down on the restrictions that prevent people from committing to watching foster children.

Coming Soon!

We are always adding to our list of services! Some of the exciting changes we have coming soon are:

  • Babysitting and Respite Trainings across all local agencies

  • Return of our monthly gatherings

  • More events for foster families

  • Photographers for Adoption day

  • Aging out services

  • and more!

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