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About us

Founders of Knit Together, Matt and Leslie, experienced an unforeseen event that demonstrated their obedience to love their neighbor. One day they received a call to care for a 2-week old girl. They were neither expecting nor prepared for what was to come. Nevertheless, they took on the task in faith. Within an hour of the phone call, Matt and Leslie used their faith, hope, and courage to gather the necessary provisions needed for their new little girl.

This scary yet empowering event was a catalyst for the two of them. Through panic and chaos, Matt and Leslie looked inside their hearts and discovered their calling; to support children in need. They realized that meeting the needs of foster children and their parents by providing essentials, meals, emotional support, and spiritual guidance was their calling.


Thus, Knit Together was born. Knit together has grown into a thriving community of homes that exemplify the oneness of fostering, adoption, and kinship. In addition, Knit Together managed to inspire local families, churches, other faith-based organizations, and community members to wrap these families with tangible support and love. 

our founders:
Krischke Family
Leslie and Matt Krischke

Adoption Day 2021

Krischke Family

Adoption Day 2018

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